Sunday, January 6, 2008

P.S. I Love You

The symbolisms are inevitable. Whether it be a love lost by physical death, or emotional death, its there. We all have had a Gerry in our lives and, at one point have had to give them up and move on with our own lives. The path to recovery is a long and narrow road, but the end is really just the beginning. Coming to terms with the reality of losing someone you love deeply does not mean you love them or will love them any less. Its just life’s way of saying its ok to fall in love again, it’s ok to keep living. Like Shakespeare said “All the worlds a stage…and all the men and women are merely players, they have their exists and their entrances...” And while one may never fall in love as hard or deep as they did for the one they lost, they are still able to give love. Knowing that someday they might find “that” look. The look which ends life forever as you know it. The person you once loved soon is locked away and your heart doesn’t hurt so much. And even though that may happen, you will always have a “P.S. I love you” forever on your heart.

Michael Drayton

SINCE there's no help, come let us kiss and part;
Nay, I have done, you get no more of me,
And I am glad, yea glad with all my heart
That thus so cleanly I can free;
Shake hands forever, cancel all our vows,
And when we meet at any time again,
Be it not seen in either of our brows
That we one jot of former love retain.
Now at the last gasp of Love's latest breath,
When, his pulse failing, Passion speechless lies,
When Faith is kneeling by his bed of death,
And Innocence is closing up his eyes,
Now if thou wouldst, when all have given him over,
From death to life thou mightst him yet recover.

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